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BETA RULES Rulebook UCM Stats Scourge Stats PHR Stats .1 Shaltari Stats RULES FAQs & Errata The Apex RESOURCES Gaming. /dcg/ Dropzone/Dropfleet Commander General Brass-Tech Last thread >Hawk Wargames website, with links to models, rules, and forums http://www. >DFC Fluff. Dropzone Commander: February Complete rules and background for Lieutenant-General Luciana M. Cato can be found in Reconquest.

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Dropzone Commander Rules Pdf

Dropzone Commander Rulebook - Download as PDF File .pdf) or read online. Dropzone commander is a very immersive sci-fi skirmish game. Taste it!. How about a PDF of reconquest? Know of any? Trying to make a list on FFoR but it has several ucm units that do not appear to be in the basic. >> >Hawk Wargames website, with links to models, rules, and forums >DZC Phase 2 Rules and Scenarios novaydro2mxo/ Dropfleet commander?.

The Game[ edit ] The key element that sets Dropzone Commander from other wargames is the emphasis on mobility. It's a 10mm game played on a 4'-by-4' board which is dense with terrain mostly human buildings, since it's themed around retaking Earth and other human colony worlds , and each ground unit can only move a few inches per turn. The way they get to where they need to be is through dropships. So far, all of the factions have one "heavy dropship" that can carry nine standard vehicles or six heavy vehicles, a "medium dropship" that can carry three standard vehicles or two heavy vehicles, and a "light dropship" or "assault" or "strike" with two variants: one that can carry a couple of light vehicles and one that can carry a couple of stands of infantry. The miniatures are all made to scale with each other, so you can magnetize your miniatures and literally place vehicles inside the cargo clamps of their transports. The Setting[ edit ] The game is set in the late 's, but there's plenty of exposition leading up to that point. In , humanity are approached and greeted by the Shaltari after humanity pioneers their first foldspace faster than light drive. The Shaltari act as friends at first, leading the humans to a number of planets ripe for colonization, but it's all part of an attempt to manipulate them into serving as cannon fodder in their wars with other Shaltari. Humanity doesn't take this well when they find out. In , another alien thing found its way to Earth : a mysterious White Sphere, the size of a baseball but heavy enough to require the strength of two men to move. It defied study, and when it was inadvertently connected to a network, it locked all the doors and somehow escaped before broadcasting a message that humanity was doomed and should escape by going to Vega IV in one year's time. Enough people took it seriously that a civil war nearly broke out. In the end, the ones who went to Vega IV with the intent of escaping were given coordinates to jump to, and while a battle broke out between them and a fleet of ships sent to stop them from leaving, most managed to escape in the chaos. Two days later, more aliens showed up on Earth and took it over.

The outcome of the game is decided by victory points. The objectives will depend on scenarios and sub-missions for each player, and no two games will be the same. The system also allows pre-set missions to be chosen to permit specific tournament and competitive play.

Dropzone Commander Resources

For more information on the how to play the game, check out the videos below. These will be added to during the campaign. Here's a podcast interview with Dave, from one of our fantastic Hawk Talons!

It might answer some questions on rules, gameplay and models.

More than tripling in size since its inception, Hawk Wargames specialises in high quality miniatures, balanced play and tactically enjoyable games. Working with Andy Chamber on this project has allowed the game to become something potentially even more special. Here is the team who are making it all happen: The whole team have been involved in some way in the creation of Dropfleet Commander to this stage to varying degrees, and we are all excited to see what the next stage is with this growing universe.

Shipping of your rewards is broken down into very simple categories, and is as low as we can make it. Free shipping applies for all Admiral Pledge level backers. If you are a retailer and would like to have Dropfleet Commander available to customers upon release, we have several ways to get involved. We are working with our Distribution Partners to ensure that you can get what you are looking for from Dropfleet Commander. Contact us through our trade email: trade hawkwargames.

Dropzone Commander Rulebook

Though it will be a busy period, we will endeavour to get back to enquiries as quickly as we can! Risks and challenges With any new project comes a range of risks and challenges. This is our first Kickstarter, and there are many things to consider just when it comes to running a campaign such as this.


Lengthy research into other Kickstarter projects as well as our desire for excellent customer service has led us to plan as much as we can, as far in advance as possible, and to have as much of the work done before anything went live.

We have the rules at a beta test stage, and though there are few models left to sculpt and studio paint, our production processes are set up, along with fulfilment agreements. The main reason for running this Kickstarter is for the manufacture of the tools for the plastic sprues, which is ultimately the one element we have not manufactured at this point.

These points, added to the fact that we manufacture in the UK rather than sourcing from other countries or continents, means reduced turnaround times and greater reliability on quality as well as timings. This does not preclude production problems, or avoid any unforeseen complications in production or delivery.

However it does mean that we are better equipped to deal with any problems that could arise, and that we can be physically on the spot with our team to solve any such situations. We have had experience in creating plastic sets before, with Dropzone Commander, and have worked with all our manufacturers before on a range of products, so are confident in our ability to deliver a high quality game in Dropfleet Commander, both in terms of product quality and, of course, gameplay value!

Thread Modes. Aug Reputation: It may take a while to fully load, be patient.

Sep Reputation: Is this the latest version? Tyranids - They are coming! I feel then scratching inside my mind, scratching, screaming, running, so many - so, so many voices. This is version 1. There have been some minor errata amendments, they are free to download from Hawk website: Jun Reputation: How about a PDF of reconquest?

Know of any?

Delta Vector: Dropzone Commander Rulebook Review

He also downloads every game so was an easy sell and we bought the army deal. Since then I've bought a load more models to expand my army and they are still to land. I have been making lists with the army builder program Hawk Wargames have had made for their customers to use free downloadable from their site. Along with everything else you would expect a gaming company of a competitive game to be doing: A forum, with developers posting there answering and clarifying all the rules queries that come up.

New units with PDF s on release date with experimental rules. Downloadable terrain to print and use on the boards. And would like some glossy cardboard ones instead. Icons to print and use also.

Dropzone Commander Resources

Errata that's up to date and current. And the list goes on. By this time I was hooked. I am finally in a game that I feel is supported well, community listened to and everything works as intended.

Happy days

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