The heart of Word Smart is the large central section con tain ing the thou sand jor standardized test, such as the SAT or GRE, you and your friends can use the. [PDF] DOWNLOAD Word Smart for the GRE (Smart Guides (Paperback)) by Princeton Review [PDF] DOWNLOAD Word Smart for the GRE. Word list preparation is the most important part of GRE Exam, if your 3 Shares. GRE book Word Smart Download GRE book Word Smart PDF.

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    Word Smart For Gre Pdf

    contain the most frequently tested (or appearing) words on the SAT and GRE, are the ones we use .. For each word in Word Smart, we give you a basic definition. Sometimes a Final Exam. Click here to download a PDF of the final exam. Recent search: word smart for new gre, word smart for new gre pdf, word word smart for the gre: a guide to perfect it provides you with. Princeton Review Word Smart for GRE - Download as Word Doc .doc), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online.

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    Princeton Review Word Smart for GRE | Philosophical Science | Science

    Book details Author: Princeton Review Pages: Princeton Review Publishing Corporation Language: English ISBN It provides you with successful strategies for learning new words as well as proven techniques for scoring higher on the GRE Verbal exam.

    Full description https: If you want to download this book, click link in the last page 5.

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    Cancel Save. FELL: a barren or stony hill; an animal's hide FETID: stinking, having a heavy bad smell FLAG: to sag or droop, to become spiritless, to decline FLIP: sarcastic, impertinent FLOUT: to demonstrate contempt for FORAY: raid FORD: to wade across the shallow part of a river or stream GLIB: marked by ease or informality; nonchalant; lacking in depth; superficial GUILE: trickery, duplicity, cunning IDYLL: a carefree, light-hearted pastoral or romantic episode or experience; a literary or musical piece describing such INERT: unmoving, lethargic, sluggish, not reactive chemically JIBE: to agree, to be in accord LAUD: to praise highly LIEN: legal claim until a debt on it is repaid LIMN: to draw, outline in detail LIST: to tilt or lean to one side LUCID: intelligible, sound, clear MAVEN: expert MILK: to exploit, to squeeze every last ounce of MINCE: pronounce or speak affectedly or too carefully, euphemize, take tiny steps, tiptoe NADIR: low point, perigee NATTY: trimly neat and tidy, dapper NEXUS: a connection, tie, or link; center or focus NICE: exacting, extremely or even excessively precise; done with delicacy or skill PAEAN: a song or expression of praise and thanksgiving PARADIGM: something that serves as a model, example, or pattern; the framework of assumptions and understandings shared by a group or discipline that shapes its worldview PARODY: a humorous imitation intended for ridicule or comic effect, especially in literature and art, also something so bad as to be potentially mistaken for an intentional mockery PARRY: to block, evade or ward off, as a blow PIED: multi-colored, usually in botches PINE: to yearn intensely, to languish, to lose vigor PIOUS: extremely reverent or devout PIQUE: resentment, feeling of irritation due to hurt pride PITH: the essential or central part PLUCK: courage, spunk, fortitude PLUMB: to measure the depth, to examine critically PRATE: chatter, babble PREEN: to dress up, primp, groom oneself with elaborate care; in animals, to clean fur or feathers PRIZE: to pry, press or force with a lever QUAFF: to drink deeply QUAIL: to shrink back in fear, lose courage RAIL: to complain about bitterly REBUS: riddle, a representation of words by pictures or symbols that sound like words RENT: torn, split, apart, pierced as by a sound RUE: regret, feel remorse SAP: to enervate or weaken the vitality of SEINE: a large net hung out and dragged in to catch fish SERE: withered, arid SHARD: a piece of broken pottery or glass, any small piece or part SLAKE: to satisfy, quench, lessen the intensity of STEEP: to saturate or completely soak STINT: to restrain, be sparing or frugal STOIC: indifferent to or unaffected by pleasure or pain, steadfast STRUT: a sturctural support used to brace a framework TABLE: to remove as a parliamentary motion from consideration TAMP: to plug, to drive in or down by a series of blows

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