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    Gayatri Rahasya deals in details about the various aspects of "Gayatri Mantra". Gayatri Mantra is said to have immense powers, powers that are. THE GAYATRI MANTRA Similar Free eBooks Mantra Stotra Sangraha Collection of Suktas and Stotras Published by: Vishva Madhwa Maha Parishat. Gayatri Rahasya (Secrets of Gayatri Mantra): The Light To Life's Golden Secrets eBook: Shri Prabhu Ashrit Swamiji: Kindle Store.

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    Gayatri Mantram In Ebook

    Gayatri Mantram (Mantra) Non Stop [vocal; Gung Edi, Music Gek Tika] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Music of Bali. See product images. Gayatri Pariwar Books. Inspiring Books on Health Happiness Yoga Ayurveda Personality Women Empowerment Youth Empowerment. General meaning: We meditate on that most adored Supreme Lord, the creator, whose effulgence (divine light) illumines all realms (physical, mental and.

    Shiva is part of the omnipresent trinity of Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh or Shiva. They are portrayed as being separate and yet one and the same at the same time. Hense Shiva is worshipped as the ever-existent and his worship is said to include everything else including Brahma and Vishnu. Shiva is worshipped as Omkar Swaropa or the Omkar, which is the universal sound or the universal ever-existant. The blessings of Shiva are sought to fulfill ones life and evolve further and come closer to Shiva. This Aarti is recited in Shiva temples all over India, where devotees recite this Aarti collectively and experience bliss and ecstasy.

    Worship Maa Mother Saraswati and become an intellectual!

    So…do I just chant Saraswati puja mantra to become more intelligent? How do I get the best results? The Mantra Okay, so how do I use it??? How does it work exactly?

    How do I make it more effective? Ganesha Mantra For Solving Obstacles We are Mantra Quest with a Goal to Make all People Happy Mantra Quest Book endeavors to give remedies for critical situations like calamities, jeopardy, sudden downfall in life, great loss, loss of near and dear ones, incurable illnesses, loss of wealth, no income, debt, continuous illness in whole family, etc.

    Difficulties never dare to come alone. They always come in droves. For example, when you lose your wealth, you will lose fame, honour, friends and even relatives.

    You get sick and without money you feel unable to do anything. I have read and accept the privacy policy.

    Astrophysics and why mantras are repeated 108 times

    I understand that you will use my information to send me a newsletter. What problems do you face while using Mantra? Help us improve this website, What you think that how can we improve this website? Savitur generally means surya, the sun.

    And the sun means, figuratively, that which shows or illuminates; that by which we can see. The three gross and subtle strata within this world are shown to us by a particular thing, savitur.

    What is that? The soul. Actually, the world is not shown to us by the sun, but by the soul. What really gives us perception and allows us to see gross things? It is not actually the sun that helps us see; we see with the help of the soul. This is found in Bhagavad-gita yatha prakasayaty ekah krtsnam lokam imam ravih. The soul reveals this world to us just as the sun does. The sun can show color to our eyes, the ear can reveal the sound world, and the hand can reveal the touch world.

    But really in the center is the soul. It is the soul who gives light to this world, who gives us an understanding of the environment, the world of perception. All perception is possible only because of the soul. Here, the word savitur, which generally means sun, can only mean soul, for the soul, like the sun, shows us everything.

    Here soul means individual soul. The individual soul is the cause of his world.

    Not that the mind is in the world, but the world is in the mind. Berkeley has said that the world is in the mind. Here it is being expressed that everything is seen with the help of the sun.

    If there is no sun, everything is dark — nothing can be seen. So without light, nothing can be seen. And in a higher sense, light means the soul. The next word in the gayatri mantra is varenyam. Varenyam means pujya: worshipable, venerable. This indicates that although within this plane — the objective world — the soul is the subject, there is another domain which is to be venerated and worshiped by the soul.

    That is the Supersoul area.

    Shirdi Sai Gayatri Mantra | शिरडी साई गायत्री मंत्र

    That worshipable plane of transcendental existence is known as bhargo. Bhargo means the supersubjective area, the area of the Supersoul.

    This is mentioned in the first verse of Srimad-Bhagavatam: dhamna svena sada nirasta-kuhakam satyam param dhimahi. Srila Vyasadeva says that here he is going to deal with another world whose pristine glory is so great that by its own ray, all misconceptions are brushed aside. The subject is the soul, and its object is all these worlds of experience. And the supersubject is the venerable area which is superior to the subject, the soul — that is the supersubjective area.

    In general, of course, the word bhargo ordinarily means light. Just as an X-ray can show us what the ordinary eye cannot see, bhargo is svarupa-sakti: higher, more powerful light that can reveal the soul. And that energy — bhargo — belongs to whom? It belongs to deva. What is the meaning of the word deva? He is not a nondifferentiated substance, but is full of lila, pastimes.

    Deva means pastimes and beauty combined, and this means Krishna. His domain is bhargo, brilliant, and it is varenyam, to be venerated by the jiva soul. What is the nature of the svarupa-sakti? It is the vaibhava, the extension of Srimati Radharani. She holds the full service responsibility and the energy to serve Krishna. Bhargo is no less than the vaibhava, the extended body of Srimati Radharani, which contains everything for the service of Krishna.

    When there is high circular speed, it manifests a great amount of energy. One can never gauge its powers in between. When raindrops fall from clouds, it seems as though it is a line of water, but in reality this is not true because the drops are separate. When we chant a Mantra pauselessly, it not only creates movement as a result of friction, but also generates a cyclic effect.

    This helps in digging out layers of dirt in our mind and thus it gets purified. A person chanting Mantras attains many benefits. No doubt the vibrations of both are different yet its powerful potential is not less at all.

    Behind the energy that manifests from the fuel of electricity, steam, oil, coal etc. The question does not arise as to which is utilized because as far as their capacity is concerned, there is no difference as far as their levels are concerned.

    From this standpoint the powerful waves in the form of sound energy, that work in the deep recesses of the world are not less high in stature when compared with its friends. When consciousness conjoins with sound, its status becomes more powerful in comparison with the ordinary sound waves of the material arena.

    Gayatri Mantram | Sri Gopinath Gaudiya Math

    High leveled streams unite with the sound potential, created via Mantra chanting. As a result its stature becomes so exalted that one cannot refrain from calling the miraculous inspiration as amazing. Amongst all Mantras the Gayatri Mantra indeed is supreme.

    It appears as though in the creation of its words, the letters are interwoven on the basis of the mysterious principles of Sound Science. From the standpoint of its meaning, a prayer is uttered so as to make possible, the manifestation of Ritambhara Prajna divine intellect in the inner consciousness embedded in these 24 letters.

    This prayerful eulogy is present in the other metres Chandas of Shruti literature. From the standpoint of its meaning, the special quality of Gayatri cannot be said to be incomparable, but its sound inter-weaving is such, that its Mantra chanting elicits an extraordinary leveled sound flow. Its sacred results are attained not only by the Mantra chanter but that others too avail of these pious benefits.

    Because this Mantra chanting influences the entire environment in a useful manner, its benefits are attained by the entire world, all human beings and other creatures too. If it can be executed via all methods, Yoga practices and penance, its results are miraculous. With its aid and soul force is created in gigantic amounts. It is this infinite soul force that converts a spiritual aspirant into a realized saint Sidha and with its help, many demeaned people try to advance further, sorrowful people try to overcome pain and those that are poor, try to attain material comforts.

    When one method works in many places, it influences the world environment in totality. When in big cities cooking gas is lighted in virtually every home, it increases the heat in its environment.

    These are bad examples of pollution. Whenever there are fields of fragrant flowers, where there are many sandalwood trees, over there the entire region emits sweet fragrance.

    This is an example of goodness. If Gayatri Mantra is chanted in many places, the spiritual energy that manifests, will influence the mental state and atmosphere of people of those regions.

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